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About Japonica

Japonica Home was concieved with the purpose of offering unique, beautiful and inspiring home furniture and accessories which can add real personality and individuality to your home. We are an independent, family operated company and strive to offer high quality, exclusive and limited edition products which ensure your home becomes as individual as you are.

We take enormous pride in not just sourcing but also creating art work and home furnishings which people will treasure and cherish for a lifetime. Your home may change over the years, but your possessions will often remain with you and become symbolic and sentimental, playing a small yet important role in the tapestry of your life.

This is about so much more than mere objects and things. It’s about memories, connections and emotions. It’s about projecting your personality and ideas in to the physical world.

That is our goal. To provide these adored accoutrements which become part of your persona and portray your ideals and experiences in the most wonderful way.

Japonica. Great furniture… naturally.